Meet the Azlan Cisco Services team and see a lasting spike in your Cisco sales!

The annual growth rate for support services is showing no signs of slowing down. You have a major opportunity now to be more profitable and strengthen your position as a trusted advisor through your service offerings to your customers. Don’t delay, engage with our team of Cisco services experts today and let them help you make the most if all Cisco hardware orders.

Stacey Garrett

Jamie Pollock

We are also very happy to introduce our new Cisco Marketing Manager, Bernadette Wilson!

Bernadette Wilson


Felix start selling Cisco today

Felix is an easy to use ecommerce platform to create quotes, place orders and maximise on your renewal opportunities. Create an account or log into the Azlan purpose built Cisco services portal Felix today and accelerate your sales! Log into Felix now to revolutionise the way you sell and manage Cisco SMARTnet’s Total Care!

If you do not have an active InTouch account – please click here or alternatively contact your Account Manager.

If you do have an active InTouch account – you can register for Felix here.

Once your Felix account setup is complete, please login using your InTouch login details via or alternatively via the ‘Configurators’ tab on InTouch

Contact our Cisco Services team on 
Email:                   Call: 01256 788 475


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