The business world is changing, with Mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Security driving new levels of innovation and causing significant disruption across every industry. With technology changing at such a rapid pace and digitisation pushing existing boundaries beyond all recognition, organisations need to transform their IT infrastructures to help drive business outcomes, or risk getting left behind in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market.

  • Mobility
    • Your customers and employees want to interact with you on their own devices and their own terms.
    • 67% of small and midsize businesses now view mobile solutions and services as “critical”
  • Big data
    • Your customers expect you to know them personally. Currently deploying business intelligence/ analytic applications.
  • Cloud
    • Your data and IT services can now be anywhere Percentage of businesses that subscribe to cloud-based back up and disaster recovery.
  • Security
    • Your business faces the constant threat of cyber crime. Percentage of businesses that have suffered data security breaches in the last year.

HPE has identified the starting point for organisations that want to gain a competitive edge as transformation across 4 key areas:

1 transform2. protect3. enable4. empower

Research from HPE suggests that those organisations that transform their infrastructure to adopt digital technologies in a sophisticated manner can create greater differentiation for their business and generate better business results. Some ways that you can do this –

  1. The need to transform legacy networks 
  2. Transform to a hybrid infrastructure with wireless networking
  3. Protect your digital enterprise with wireless networking
  4. Enable workplace productivity with wireless networking
  5. Empower your data driven enterprise with wireless networking

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